Witches Union Spell Card August 2023


August 2023, Witches Union Spell Card

You have a deadline, a goal, and a small window of time, but your inspiration is missing from your winning formula. It’s time for the Creative Spark Spell to get your inspiration fired up!  

This personal ritual clears you of your creative blocks and invites in the ideas and clarity on how to execute. Get ready to create once your cast this Witches Union spell!

Creative Spark Spell


Blessed Herbal Energy Candle

Blessed Herbal Problem Solving Candle

Blessed Herbal Attraction Candle

Blessed Herbal Energy Oil

Creative tools

Art supplies, pen, muscial instrument, etc

Tumbles Stone

Labradorite, citrine, & tigers eye

Paper & Pen

Candle holders


Light the candles in their holders. Place the Energy candle in front of you, Attraction candle to the left, and Problem Solving candle to the right. Place your creative tools in front or around you where you can easily touch them. Place one stone next to each candle- the order is not important.

Write out your name and what you want to create. Then, using your most interesting pen, pencil, crayon, marker, etc that you have, draw three bursts or stars on top of your name. Do this three times for a total of 9 bursts or stars. Place this under the Energy candle holder while saying the following charm 9 times:

Earth, anchor me. Air, free me. Water, cleanse me. 
Fire, inspire me. Let ideas flow to me, energize me, 
transform me. I embody creativity. 

Anoint your tools and stone with the Energy oil, chanting the same charm. Hold or touch your creative supplies while gazing into the flames. Let your mind drift until you see the path forward or feel the creative spark. Keep the stones with you and place them in front of you every time you will be creative.

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