Coventry Creations Affirmation Meditation White candle

Affirmation Meditation Candle

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Step into a sanctuary of tranquil clarity with the Meditation candle, your divinely-scented guide to profound inner healing and serene contemplation. 

This elegant ivory pillar, delicately kissed with a soft, uplifting blend of musky florals is lovingly crafted to help you achieve and maintain the deepest states of awareness and communion during meditation.

Let the gentle flames cast a warm, familiar glow as you breathe in the soothing yet energizing balance of amber, peppermint and just a hint of sage. These carefully blended aromas create an atmosphere akin to a temple's sacred meditation chamber, preparing your mind and spirit to fully let go of the physical world as you turn your gaze inwards. The creamy white color provides a soft, peaceful backdrop allowing your focus to remain uninhibited. Yet the flecks of pale gold dispersed throughout the wax adds an uplifting, transcendental quality that reminds you of your own inner light waiting to be stoked and unleashed.

Use the Meditation candle to help quiet the incessant mind-chatter and achieve the states of true No-Mind, where the ultimate dance between the earthly realm and the sacred can start to emerge. As the pillars of purifying smoke waft and shift, you'll feel layers of energetic blockages and mental detritus clearing so that you can access the profound reservoirs of stillness and clarity within your being.

This candle also fosters an aura of spiritual equilibrium, oneness and gentle empowerment. Its steadfast presence serves as a poignant reminder that the process of inner stillness and healing is never a battle to be waged, but an organic unfolding of your true transcendent nature waiting to be rediscovered.

Suggested Uses:

- Deepening Meditation

- Healing the Soul

- Quieting the Mind

- Enhancing Focus

- Energizing the Spirit


With a still mind I experience the depth of my soul bringing clarity and wholeness to myself. I energize my spirit with the source of creation.


- Dimensions: A robust 2" dia. x 4" tall Pillar 

- Burning Duration: Up to 40 Hours of burn time

- Color: white 

- Aroma: An uplifting musk blend, evoking the essence of calm and renewal

Safety First:

- Before lighting, release the candle from its mortal confines. (the packaging) 

- Keep the flame of prosperity under watchful eyes, ensuring it illuminates safely.

- Place this candle in a revered spot, shielded from disturbances and the elements.

- While it glows, it is to be respectfully observed from a distance, safeguarding all who bask in its presence. (including flammable objects, children and pets)

- To ensure maximum burn time place candle in fire safe container

Crafted with Intention:

This candle is a conduit of your will, meticulously infused with herbs and oils selected for their magical affinity, ready to serve your intention. Crafted with intention in Ferndale, MI, each candle is a testament to the art of candle magic, bringing ancient wisdom to your modern ritual space.

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