Coventry Creations Astro Magic Mercury Retrograde- Neutralizer Off-White candle

Astro Magic Mercury Retrograde-Neutralizer Candle

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Is Mercury Retrograde making you feel like you have your head on backwards?

Don’t cower when Mercury goes rogue — use this cosmic window as an opportunity to dive inwards and experience a mental reboot and realignment. The Mercury Retrograde candle helps you navigate these periodic cosmic waves with more clarity and flow. 

During these periodic cosmic whirlwinds, some sort of miscommunication, technology freakout, or mental block is practically inevitable. Don’t resist! Instead, light this candle to alchemize retro shade into your own productive retreat. Use it as a renaissance refresh to rest, recharge, and receive the reinvigorating downloads just waiting to stream through. Flow with the retrograde, don’t fight it.

While Mercury is spinning retrograde, it creates a pinball effect that rattles our normal communication, technology, and thought patterns. But within this disarray is a sacred portal of heightened consciousness and accelerated insight waiting to be activated. 

By lighting this candle, you’ll feel retroshade’s frantic, discourse-creating energies softening into productive channels. Mental and spiritual fog lifts, allowing you to access a deeper undercurrent of intuitive wisdom. From this centered space, you can process, integrate, and move in a new, more illuminated direction.

Our solar system is 4.5 billion years old and the planets move every single day giving us opportunities to change and transform our lives. The Astro Magic candle puts you in charge of your relationship with the planets. Tap into this cosmic energy station to align, amplify and direct your spell. Start by identifying your challenge, then set your intention, light your Astro Magic candle, and say the invocation to get aligned with the planet’s energy and take charge of your life. 

Suggested Uses:

- Accessing Intuition

- Mental Clarity  

- Meditating

- Reviewing & Revising

- Moving Forward


Heart of the divine, breathe the light of the universe into the dark of Mercury. Shine your light within my life to enlighten me. Lift these challenges and bring to me the true blessings of Mercury.


- Dimensions: A robust 2" dia. x 4" tall Pillar 

- Burning Duration: Up to 40 Hours of burn time

- Color: Cream

- Aroma:  Bright citrus 

Crafted with Intention:

This candle is a conduit of your will, meticulously infused with herbs and oils selected for their magical affinity, ready to serve your intention. Crafted with intention in Ferndale, MI, each candle is a testament to the art of candle magic, bringing ancient wisdom to your modern ritual space.

Safety First

- Before lighting, release the candle from its mortal confines. (the packaging) 

- Keep the flame of prosperity under watchful eyes, ensuring it illuminates safely.

- Place this candle in a revered spot, shielded from disturbances and the elements.

- While it glows, it is to be respectfully observed from a distance, safeguarding all who bask in its presence. (including flammable objects, children and pets)

- To ensure maximum burn time place candle in fire safe container

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