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Astro Magic The Moon — Do You Candle

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Get in touch with your deepest, most primal essence by syncing up with the celestial rhythms of The Moon. This luminous candle connects you to the moon’s ancient, mystical frequencies of feminine power, intuition, and cyclical transformation. 

From new to full to everything in between, The Moon is the cosmic ruler of our emotions, cycles, and the changing tides within. As this candle’s flame dances, you’ll feel yourself dropping into a deeper well of spiritual flow, instinctual understanding, and self-nurturing. Use The Moon candle to gain insights into your emotional patterns, awaken your divine feminine essence, and unlock your intuitive

Whether you’re in your feminine, masculine, or someplace deliciously in between, this candle encourages you to honor the natural cadences pulsing within. Get curious about your body’s physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual seasons. How are the celestial tides of the moon influencing your energies right now? Lean into the lunar currents with this candle’s magical mysteries.

Our solar system is 4.5 billion years old and the planets move every single day giving us opportunities to change and transform our lives. The Astro Magic candle puts you in charge of your relationship with the planets. Tap into this cosmic energy station to align, amplify and direct your spell. Start by identifying your challenge, then set your intention, light your Astro Magic candle, and say the invocation to get aligned with the planet’s energy and take charge of your life. 

Suggested Uses:

- Connecting to intuition

- Meditation

- Forgetting the past

- Cleansing your aura

- Uplifting the environment


My instincts are empowered by the Moon in all of her phases.  Through her blessings, my magic is strengthened and balanced in body, mind, and spirit. I am now free to manifest my true self with greater ease.


- Dimensions: A robust 2" dia. x 4" tall Pillar 

- Burning Duration: Up to 40 Hours of burn time

- Color: Lunar white

- Aroma:  Jasmine musk

Crafted with Intention:

This candle is a conduit of your will, meticulously infused with herbs and oils selected for their magical affinity, ready to serve your intention. Crafted with intention in Ferndale, MI, each candle is a testament to the art of candle magic, bringing ancient wisdom to your modern ritual space.

Safety First

- Before lighting, release the candle from its mortal confines. (the packaging) 

- Keep the flame of prosperity under watchful eyes, ensuring it illuminates safely.

- Place this candle in a revered spot, shielded from disturbances and the elements.

- While it glows, it is to be respectfully observed from a distance, safeguarding all who bask in its presence. (including flammable objects, children and pets)

- To ensure maximum burn time place candle in fire safe container

Here are the remaining product descriptions with bullet point uses:

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