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Aunt Jacki's Hoodoo Love Me Candle

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Ignite the Spark with the Love Me Candle

Seeking to reignite the flames of passion or manifest a soul-stirring connection? Enter the love zone with the Love Me candle, your trusty wingman in wax, ready to turn up the heat and dial up the romance.

Crafted with the intention of cultivating love, desire, and deep, meaningful connections, this captivating candle is a powerful tool for those exploring the realms of the heart. As you ignite its flame, you'll be enveloped in a seductive blend of scents that tantalizes the senses and sets the stage for enchantment.

The Love Me candle is more than just a source of light – it's a catalyst for transformation, a guiding light for those seeking to spice up their love life or attract their perfect match. Whether you're looking to in your current relationship or put your best foot forward in the dating world, this candle will  lend its alluring energy to your quest for love. 

As the flickering flame dances, it invokes a sensual, alluring atmosphere, priming the mind and body for deep intimacy and connection. The carefully curated blend of essential oils and natural aphrodisiacs infused within the candle work together to heighten arousal, foster emotional openness, and cultivate an irresistible magnetism.

Ignite the Love Me candle and let its warm, inviting glow be your beacon, guiding you towards the fulfillment of your heart's deepest desires. Embrace the power of this transformative tool as it helps you unlock the secrets of love, passion, and irresistible charm.

Suggested Uses:

- Passion Igniter

- Bond Builder

- Affection Attractor

- Romance Reviver

- Connection Creator


I send a message to you from me

Love in the air I wish you to see

My heart is full and to you takes flight

Return it to me with sweetness and light

Let love grow from you to me

So vibrant and sweet that all can see

So it is and so it will be,

love to you and love to me


Dimensions:  A robust 2"x 4" Pillar 

Burning Duration: Up to 40 Hours of burn time

Color: Deep lipstick red

Aroma: A blend of earthy tones and lavender

The Spirit Behind the Candle:

Aunt Jacki, a Hoodoo sage, bridges ancient wisdom and modern magic. With over two decades as an Aborisha, she crafts these candles as a homage to the mentors of her path, offering a piece of this sacred practice to seekers everywhere.

Safety First:

- Before lighting, release the candle from its mortal confines. (the packaging) 

- Keep the flame of prosperity under watchful eyes, ensuring it illuminates safely.

- Place this candle in a revered spot, shielded from disturbances and the elements.

- While it glows, it is to be respectfully observed from a distance, safeguarding all who bask in its presence. (including flammable objects, children and pets)

- To ensure maximum burn time place candle in fire safe container

Crafted with Intention:

This candle is a conduit of your will, meticulously infused with herbs and oils selected for their magical affinity, ready to serve your intention. Handcrafted with intention in Ferndale, MI, each candle is a testament to the art of Hoodoo magic, bringing ancient wisdom to your modern ritual space.

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